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Free Rides on Syracuse carousel in honor of Newtown victims

16-Jan-2013 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

Thanks to an anonymous donor, you can enjoy a free ride on the carousel in Syracuse at Destiny USA (formerly Carousel Center) in honor of the victims in Newtown, CT. The free rides will occur Jan 14-Feb 3.
For more info

Lagoon Carousel in Utah added to National Historic Landmarks

07-Dec-2012 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

This is a little late but it came in when we were all worrying about Hurricane Sandy.
This was sent in by Vickie Stauffer.
November 2, 2012

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places. This and past Weekly Lists are also available here: For more info

The Herschell Spillman carousel along with the Flying Scooter and the Roller Coaster were all designated.

Lagoon Carousel,
375 Lagoon Dr.,
Farmington, 12000883,
LISTED, 10/24/12
(Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah MPS

Jane's Carousel

06-Dec-2012 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

This was just posted on Jane's Carousel website.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your notes and concern for Jane's Carousel.

It was erroneously reported in the news that the Carousel was beyond repair. Miraculously, the 90 year old Carousel and the Award-winning Pavilion suffered no cosmetic or structural damage. We are fortunately and officially "Sandy Survivors!"

We were able to re-open just 2 weeks after the hurricane on a beautiful sunny Sunday. It was a thrill to see the Carousel spinning again, being enjoyed by hundreds of excited and very happy children. We are now fully operational and will be open throughout the winter. Our hours are Thursday-Sunday, 11:00-5:00.

For the record, the Pavilion withstood 5-6 ft. waves crashing against it. Water rushed in to cover the platform and 5 ft. of water flooded the basement. As shown in the photo below, the Pavilion looked as though it was being washed out to sea! It was a scary sight!

We did suffer a great deal of damage to our heating and ventilation systems, electronic controls for the huge Swiss doors, sun shades, LED perimeter lighting and sound system. Also, our beloved Gebruder Bruder Band Organ was nearly destroyed. We have begun the process of fully restoring all of the damaged items. We expect that within the next 12 weeks everything will be returned to a pre-Sandy state.

We look forward to welcoming all of you again--for a ride, a fun Birthday Party, a glamorous photo shoot or just a visit to say hello.

Thanks again & Happy Holidays!

Jane Walentas & everyone at Jane's Carousel

Utah man carves carousel for grandkids

06-Dec-2012 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

Read this inspiring story about another carousel frame that is being put to good use by being repopulated with newly carved animals. Read it Now!

Friday Update

02-Nov-2012 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

Just a little news today.

The Asbury Park PTC building survived intact. Now it just needs another carousel.

A tree fell onto the roof of the Forest Park carousel in Queens. See Photo

Wed Update--Good News!

31-Oct-2012 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

Posted 4:30pm PDT 10/31/12
It looks like we have good news to report today! Both the Ocean City MD and the Seaside Heights carousels are still intact. Trimper's is still planning their Halloween activities.

The carousel building in Ocean City NJ appears to have some damage but hopefully the carousel is in good shape. We will try to keep you updated as we hear more news.

News update on

30-Oct-2012 Bette Largent, President

Posting time, 3:30 PST
Its easier to post what we do know at this time rather than attach links to articles.

NYC- All okay, Jane's Carousel was sandbagged and had other precautions in place. Very little water inside the building. Other carousels so far are okay.

Coney Island flooding - "worse than in the 1950". Water made it up to Surf Ave. No word on damage to work site of the new B&B building.

Down the coast: We do know some carousels were able to remove figures such as New Haven, CT. Communication is 0 on the most part. Atlantic City-Seaside took the brunt of the storm. I've seen photos where boardwalk and structures along it were GONE. Nothing but foundations. We have been posting photos on Facebook and are eager to learn news as it comes in.

Thank you all for emails as well. Especially John Caruso and Dan Pisark. You can email updates to me or Jean Bennett via the contacts pages on this website.
Bette Largent

Parker Museum receives unique donation

19-Oct-2012 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

The Parker Museum was recently given two 200 foot long canvas posters. Now begins the research into the meaning of them. Read More about it

Herschell Museum adds Kiddie Rides to their exhibits

17-Oct-2012 Jean Bennett, News Flash Reporter

The Herschell Museum in North Tonawanda NY is refurbishing 4 classic kiddie rides to add to the enjoyment of visiting the carousel exhibits. Read more here

Merry-Go-Round From Gillian's Lands in Buffalo, Wyoming

08-Oct-2012 Bette Largent, President

The Cowboy Carousel, Buffalo, Wyoming, is looking for historical photos and or videos of their carousel mechanism. Original to Gillian's Island, the mechanism and figures were sold at auction in the 1980's. Emerson Scott used the machine and frame to create a unique carousel which remains the only one operating in the state. It will soon be moved a permanant new home. If you have photos please contact them. Read their online article now!

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